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Hey, I’m Maddie!

I’m “that girl” from your high school who enjoyed writing essays a little too much and volunteered in the Writing Room for fun. I’m a former journalist who still writes like I’m on deadline (AKA - I have a fast turnaround time and eat sour patch kids to keep my creative juices flowing). 

I live in Minnesota with my husband, Matt, and our Goldendoodle, Wilson.

When I’m not writing, I’m probably walking around the lake listening to Taylor Swift’s oldies-but-goodies, or playing one-on-one basketball against my husband, who usually lets me win.

I come from a family of campfire storytellers.

There’s something about staring at a fire that sparks conversation and laughter and memories. 

That’s the type of inspiration and nostalgia I want to give people when they visit your website.

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My Writing Style

I believe each business and brand should have its own voice and own it like a logo. So my "voice" will change based on who I am writing for. But when it comes to my writing style: I’m a storyteller. I’ll tell your best story if I can do it in a casual, approachable, professional, and friendly manner. You’ll see me using that style a lot in my own work (and throughout this website).

My motto has always been "simplicity is king." I don’t believe in being overly technical in my writing, which is why I like to stick to explanations everyone will understand. (For example, on my Services Page, you won’t see me thoroughly explaining what “SEO Keyword Research” entails. I’ll leave that to the textbooks)!

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