Are you having trouble finding a “catch-all” content person?

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November 30, 2022
Maddie Lemay
March 1, 2022

I work with many small businesses like yours that plan to scale quickly, and with that always comes the same discussion.

They’re overwhelmed with the content possibilities they know will propel their business forward.

Social media campaigns, whitepapers, press releases, brand photos, sales presentations, trade show brochures, blogs, welcome sequence emails, podcast ad scripts, search engine optimization…

I’m out of breath. You get the picture.

I used to think to myself, why don't they just hire someone internally to accomplish all those tasks: a sort of “catch-all” specialist?  

Then I realized the problem: that person doesn’t exist.  

Most experts have been told to own their niche. Unfortunately, for scaling businesses, that means a singular “catch-all” content specialist who is an expert at everything is, well, nowhere to be found.

I’ve seen too many businesses miss out on opportunities to strategize, write, and design highly-effective content because it takes so. much. time to find an effective team that can work well together.

So I’ve woven together a team for you.

If this sounds like you…

Overwhelmed at the potential you know your business has to create all kinds of content…

Let’s talk.

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