Campfire Story: What's your "next big thing?"

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September 23, 2022
Maddie Lemay |
September 23, 2022
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Raise your hand if you're not sure where to start with your Million Dollar Idea.

Growing up, I dreamed of someday becoming a writer.

Some people scoffed when I told them that; as if I wanted to write poetry and live on the side of the road and contemplate life for a living.

Now, I actually do write for a living.

But, as many of you who own a business know, it's not what some people think it is.

If I want to, I can work from the cabin or my office or my closet floor in my pajamas.

But I can't let my business run itself. I can't go all Ashley-Tisdale-by-the-pool and ignore all the strategy work my business continues to demand (at least... not if I want it to continue to survive and thrive)!

That's because I love this business, and I continue to dream more about its possibilities.

Maybe you've learned this, too, about your business: that the "strategy" never stops.

Hot take: I think I know why so many people, dreams, and — in the end — businesses fizzle out. (And it's not because their ideas are bad or they don't have the ambition or they give up too soon).

It's because they stop writing.

Or maybe, they never started.

Two years ago, before I quit my full-time job as a journalist, I started to write.

I wrote my way into the future. I wrote down my dreams, my goals, my business plan, and alllll of my website copy. And I'm still writing, still planning, still preparing for that next big launch.

If you don't have your dream, or your business plan, or your strategy in writing, who will hold you accountable to it? And how will you be able to communicate that plan to your partners, or your staff, or your — ahem — copywriter, once you're ready to implement it?

I love this phrase from the book of Zechariah in the Bible: "Do not despise the small beginnings."

What's your "small beginning" today? What's that project, or dream, or "next big thing" you just need to start jotting down already?

Once you figure it out, we can help you write your website copy or those campaign emails so you can ~ actually ~ launch it.

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