Does your own content make you yawn? Good copy will help.

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August 16, 2022
Maddie Lemay
February 25, 2022

Good copy = zero yawning necessary!

Before I start working with clients, they often tell me their copy feels yawn-y, like an instructions manual, and they tell me they wish they could incorporate more personality in their brand. For some businesses, that means including swear words with asterisk marks (last week, I wrote an email that said “sh*t happens” for a client)! For other businesses, like mine, it means making up new words, like “yawn-y.”

Whether you work at a large corporation in the marketing department or run a small business, there is always an advantage to outsourcing an experienced copywriter who focuses on writing to sell. There are many benefits to hiring a copywriter for your brand… but one of my favorites is that you get to display creativity in how you use your language.

Hiring a copywriter will give you that creative edge

Creativity isn’t just for your logos. It’s not just for your graphics or your photos or your website design. Creativity should be woven into the words you use for your business, stitched effortlessly into your copy and jiving with your design, like your best pair of jeans.

But if you don’t have the budget to hire a copywriting professional, I’m with you, too!

I am creating a resource for brand-new business owners who are interested in DIY-ing their copy, and it’ll be completely free! If you’re interested in receiving the template (which includes a brand messaging guide template and a copy deck template for your website), fill out the form below!

I’m interested in DIY-ing my copy!

Copywriters will help your brand stay cohesive and consistent

Just like brands need to be consistent with their colors and logos and fonts, they need to be consistent with their brand voice and tone. Your brand voice is a consistent set of phrases, tones, and personality that your readers can expect and connect with, every time. When you hire a copywriter, they don’t write from their personal voice, they take on the voice of your brand.

Everything they turn in for you to release to your readers, is from YOUR perspective, meaning no one should be able to tell the difference of who wrote it! Staying on brand is important when building relationships with your clients. Give them something to connect with, relate to, and remember when they read about your business.

Outsourcing your copywriting will save you time

I see you… staring at that computer screen with a bowl of popcorn at midnight, trying to figure out how to re-frame your website copy for the 15th time because it just doesn’t feel like “you.”

Let me present you with a provocative idea: if you budget for a designer for a launch or website design project, you should heavily consider budgeting for a copywriter! The investment will pay off in dividends, and not just in the time you’ll save.

Copywriters aren’t just freelance writers; they’re consultants

Consulting? That’s what we do best. I love uncovering new ideas with a client as we crack open the pandora’s box of their website, or their email open rate, or their social media engagement. It’s not just about exchanging words for money. Experienced copywriters will find a way to make the words we’re writing actually work for you.

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