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March 1, 2024
Maddie Lemay
February 29, 2024
Case Study

How we helped craft this nonprofit program’s messaging

Mission Edge is a nonprofit based out of San Diego, California, and became a retainer client with us in 2022. Over the past few years, we’ve helped them build out their blog, wrote landing page copy for a program called the Impact Lab, and assisted in the rollout of their newsletter emails.

Our most recent project with Mission Edge was an exciting one: writing the copy for a new landing page about their Corporate Social Responsibility programming.

Check out the page!

Here’s how we helped take Mission Edge’s CSR programming from a quiet service offering to a live asset on the website.

The Challenge

Mission Edge is a unique nonprofit. Instead of relying on donor funding, they offer below-market-rate consulting services for nonprofits and social impact projects – and those services fund a completely free program called the Impact Lab.

Mission Edge’s CSR programming is one of the services that funds the Impact Lab. CSR helps companies organize social impact projects (think volunteering events, corporate giving, and social and racial justice initiatives).

The challenge: Mission Edge was trying to market this service offering without a separate landing page, which led to confusion and lost opportunities.

Where Lemay Story Studio came in

In November 2023, Maddie originally met with Charlotte, the director of CSR programming at Mission Edge, and helped her develop a messaging guide for the program. The messaging guide included:

  • A one-sentence explanation of what CSR programming is.
  • A clear explanation of the services offered under the program.
  • A clear explanation of who CSR serves.

This messaging guide, which Charlotte filled out and Maddie edited, helped us get clear on what the program is so we could have better direction for the language for the website. At the beginning of this year, we used this messaging guide as a framework for the landing page copy.

When writing the landing page copy, we made sure to answer the following questions for anyone visiting the page:

  1. What is CSR programming? This is answered right away on the site: “Project management for your company’s next social justice initiative.”
  2. How can CSR programming support me? To answer this question, we created a concise, clear list of four ways CSR programming can support companies.
  3. What does it look like to work with you? To address this, we included a section titled “How we’ll manage your next CSR initiative” with four clear steps to the process. This makes CSR programming look structured and organized.

Next Steps

After Charlotte approved the copy, we passed it along to Westerly Creative Studio. Meghan designed the landing page, making it look beautiful, professional, and user-friendly.

Check it out here!

The Results

Charlotte’s own words speak for themselves:

“The copy that you created for our landing page gives me confidence in sharing the work that my department does. Without the landing page I felt self conscious that our work didn't seem official or legitimate. With the copy you provided I am confident in spreading the word about our work because I know that the landing page provides a clear, bold, and professional picture of the work that we do.

This confidence in our landing page has immediately transformed our sales process - rather than stale one pagers, we have a fluid website that leaves an amazing first impression on our potential customer base. Thank you for the work you have done for us, we couldn't have done it without you!”

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