How many times have you thought you needed to reinvent the wheel?

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December 16, 2022
Maddie Lemay
March 1, 2022

Last month, Matt and I sat down with some good friends and fellow business owners for a strategy session.  

I had several problems I wanted to discuss with them – and at the top of the list was an entirely new service model.

Instead of booking clients on an ongoing monthly retainer, I thought it would be a better idea to book clients on a quarterly basis and batch the content.

I printed out my plan and slid a piece of paper across the table for them to review.

They asked me good questions about my existing business model, and our friend Zach – a numbers guy – jotted some notes down on a piece of paper.

He kindly showed us his math.

“The numbers are working for you right now,” he said. “So… what’s the problem?”

I didn’t know.

I guess I supposed by reinventing the wheel, my business would look like all the others I’d been comparing mine to. I’d have rigid lines around what I do and don’t offer, and narrower service offerings.

But my business is running nicely as-is.

The numbers are working out for me. I don’t feel burned out. And I enjoy what I do.

What’s the problem?

Well… there isn’t one.

Maybe you’re trying to solve a problem that doesn't even exist for your business, just for the sake of feeling like you have to do something revolutionary in order to keep growing.

That’s usually not the case, I’m learning.

Consistency is what gets us closer to growth – not change.

That’s why I send emails every Friday.

It’s why I write new content every week for social media and my website.

It’s why the majority of my work is doing the same tasks each month, for the same clients.

If you need help knowing whether 2023 is another year for you to build consistency, or if you truly think you need to restructure, let’s chat.

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