How to get closer to perfect in your emails and blog posts

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January 26, 2024
Maddie Lemay
October 19, 2022
Copywriting advice

Hint: it starts with organization

Have you ever experienced the mini heart attack that comes with sending a text message to the wrong person?

Imagine that feeling when you accidentally make an error in a newsletter email you sent to thousands of people.

A while back, I made an error that every copywriter has nightmares about: I sent an email with a placeholder – "Insert Subject Line Here" – instead of the intended subject line. To my surprise and relief, this email had a 5% higher open rate than usual, turning a mistake into an unexpected win for the client. Yet, for someone who values thoroughness and detail, this haunted me for weeks.

Why share this story, you might ask? To convey two truths:

  1. No Copywriter is flawless: I’m not perfect, and neither is any writer you’ll ever hire. Admitting this makes us more relatable and trustworthy.
  2. Adaptability is crucial: The best writers know when to slow down. They're quick at their craft (which comes with being an expert). But when they feel they’re moving too fast, they’re able to dial back so they can remain thorough and error-free.

That’s why at the beginning of this year I hired Kacie, a project manager, to oversee the small details associated with managing my clients’ expectations. I knew her addition to my team would help me feel more organized –  but I was not prepared for the ways in which her work would significantly improve my clients’ workflows.

Here's how having a project manager and a copywriter in one package has transformed the services we offer our clients:

➡️ Advanced Planning: We're crafting and scheduling content three months in advance.

➡️ Transparency and Efficiency: Clients are always in the loop about what we're working on and its completion timeline.

➡️ Boosted Creativity: Freed from immediate pressures, we have more creativity to brainstorm and create future content.

If you're a business owner or leader seeking consistent, high-quality blogs, emails, LinkedIn posts, and hands-off project management, imagine the relief of offloading your content ideas in a quarterly meeting and knowing they will be captured and executed ahead of time.

At Lemay Story Studio, we're looking to onboard one more client who needs something like this. If the idea of having a dedicated team to manage and produce your content excites you, let's talk about what we can achieve together.

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