Why are your salespeople running their own email campaigns?

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January 27, 2023
Maddie Lemay
September 23, 2022
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This problem is costing mid-sized businesses SO MUCH MONEY

I see this all the time: at mid-sized businesses, salespeople are running their own mini email campaigns.

They go to trade shows, attend networking events, and give presentations, only to stash the new contacts they collect into their own personal databases, or – worse – on a piece of paper.

I dealt with this recently when working with a client that has a small sales team.

A salesman at the company approached me. Because he’s great at his job, he knew how important it was to nurture his leads through email, but he requested my assistance in writing them.  

We’re talking a small list: about 120 leads he wanted to continually engage with through his own work email.

“You know what?” Our team said. “We’ll take it a step further.”

I wrote the email.

The lead gen specialist uploaded his contact list to Hubspot and sent an email on his behalf so we could track open rates.

Guess what happened after we sent the email?

He set up two meetings. ⬇️

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Here’s what I’m learning about mid-sized businesses with small to mid-sized sales teams.

We live in a digital, work-from-home world, and the in-person, wining-and-dining sales process doesn’t hold as much weight as it once did. 🍷

Which means your sales people are probably adapting by running their own mini email marketing campaigns, using their own database of leads they’ve been collecting.

There’s a big, fat problem with that picture: email marketing is NOT what they should be doing, because they’re not copywriters.

They don’t know what makes a subject line effective, or how to write in a voice that sounds conversational yet professional.

They’re simply doing what they can to sell more, because you hired a great team.

But there’s a solution that can put your sales team ahead.

What if you offered salespeople fractional access to a copywriter who could batch-write effective emails on their behalf, based on their own sales process?

How much time would this open up for your salespeople, freeing them from the pressure of writing their own prospecting emails and allowing them to sell more?

What if your leadership team had the ability to track post-event open rates and click-through rates to better measure your ROI for trade shows, conferences, and seminars?

You see… copywriting isn’t just about offering a better picture of who your company is through good writing.

This is about equipping your sales team to sell more.

Investing in a conversion copywriter can help you get there.

I happen to know a good one, if you’re interested…

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